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Handmade natural hardwood boxes since 1989
for jewelry and your other special stuff!


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Welcome to BurlWoodBox.com!


We are a very small company specializing in handmade wood jewelry and other functional yet decoative boxes. We, Al and Deb, have been making museum quality wooden gifts for almost 20 years now. Our boxes are deisgned and crafted to become future family heirlooms, passed on from generation to generation. Someday, one of our wood jewelry boxes may end up on Antique's Road Show 2075! We try to blend the functionality of a wooden box with the art of shape and design.

Quality of our wood boxes is the essence of our work and we guarantee that you or the gift recipient be pleased or your purchase is fully returnable. We will make minor repairs to your wood box at no cost to you other than the shipping of your wood box back to us.

Our site, BurlWoodBox.com, has a variety of handmade wood jewelry and other boxes for you to puruse and purchase when they are listed as IN STOCK. If you see an box that particularly strikes your fancy we will strive to duplicate it to the best of our abilities. As each piece of wood is truly unique we can never duplicate a wood jewelry box that you see on our website. That is why we place the photograph of the actual wood jewelry box you'll be receiving on each page.

There is a compromise between form and function. Generally, the odder shaped wood jewelry boxes are inherently less functional yet their eye-catching appeal gives them a stand alone quality for an unuasual adornment to your home decor. We are more than happy to try to work out a custom design that will siut your specific needs for your personal jewelry collection or for that special gift.

We make band saw boxes. They are cut from a single, solid block of wood. There are no miter joints and the boxes themselves are not make of strips of thin wood joined together. Our flat style boxes have no seams or joints at all. The lid of the box as actually cut from the entire wood block and then the inner pocket is machined out, sanded and then sealed proir to lining. The box top is then adorned with a highly figured wood species, such as burl or other figured woods. This wood layer is not veneer, veneer is usually under 1/16th of an inch thick, it is a slice of wood that is usually over 3/16th of an inch thick after final sanding and finishing.

Our upright style jewelry boxes have seams but are very, very hard to detect. Al works very hard to try to conceal the seams within the grain lines and to the untrained eye they are all but invisible. The drawers have divisions to provide that special place for your rings, earrings and necklaces plus more! We can customize the drawer divisions as well as the tary divisions to suit your needs. If you have all rings and no earrings we can make that perfect box for you! The drawers as well as the drawer cavaties are lined so as to glide effortlessly.......very smooth. The Baked Femo Clay knobs add that special bit of class and elegance to the overall jewelry box presentation. They begin as brass but end up as an art work in themselves!

Our wood boxes have Deb's Secret Formula for the finish coats. She will tell you that she used polyurethane because she likes it's sealing properties and it's water repellency.Deb, however, does not like that cheap slippery feel so she also uses tung oil. It what order and the formulations are forever a secret....! The wood boxes are first sanded, then sealed and then sanded and steel wooled again before beginning to apply the finish coats. The finish coats of each box we make needs to cure for 24 hours before applying another coat.....patience is key when applying a finish. Once Al has made the box and Deb has finished the box we must apply the lining, which again takes a minimum of 24 hours to cure. These boxes are not rushed in any form or fashion. We do need at least two weeks from the receipt of your custom order to get it to your doorstep and that's if we start on your special order immediately! If you're thinking of that unique wood box for that special person....just give us a call and we'll try to come up with that perfect custom design and wood combination for you!


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Deborah Keese and Alan Freund
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E-mail: info@BurlWoodBox

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